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Friday, March 25, 2005

top 20 birds in British Gardens 2005

The RSPB managed to organise nearly 400,000 people from across the UK in the bigest bird count in history. The watchers spent an hour counting the birds in their garden and their records provide a valuable snapshot of the UK's garden birds. This year's 2005 results:
Top 20

1. House sparrow
2. Starling
3. Blue tit
4. Blackbird
5. Greenfinch
6. Chaffinch
7. Collared dove
8. Woodpigeon
9. Great tit
10. Robin
11. Dunnock
12. Magpie
13. Long-tailed tit
14. Goldfinch
15. Coal tit
16. Jackdaw
17. Carrion crow
18. Wren
19. Rook
20. Feral pigeon


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